Saturday, June 29, 2013

"The Bling Girls"

These lovely girls came over to spend the weekend with their aunty, my sister in law.  At the time I was editing some photos and cleaning out my makeup stash.  Since the girls were over and didn't have much planned, I offered to do their hair and makeup for fun.  I am not a makeup artist or a hairstylist, but I enjoy and love working with kids, especially with these DIVAS.  So I allowed the girls to choose their choice of eye and lip colors.   I also promised that I would feature them on my blog, so that they can become famous. :) 

Introducing....."The Bling Girls"!

My first little diva is Miss Cassidy!  She comes off very shy and quiet, but an adorable little girl who loves to sing!.  I absolutely love her gorgeous long hair and how her curls turned out!  Once I was finished with her curls she was very excited that she decided not to eat dinner, in fear that her lip gloss would wipe off.  So I promised that once she was done eating I would reapply her lips for her.  That made her very happy.

This next Diva is Miss Evelyn who is Cassidy's older sister!  She is a bright, soft spoken, and very sweet 11 year old little lady!  Also a cancer patient survivor!  Whoo hoo!  She loves to sing as well, enjoys listening to k pop, and loves to watch beauty guru Michelle Pham on youtube.

Next up is Miss Deanna!  Who loves to sing as well.  She comes off very shy at first, but she is a thoughtful and pleasant girl to be around!  Always bright eyed and smiling.  Out of all the girls she did the most talking.  She wants to go to school to be a nurse or a teacher, because at a young age she is already thinking about helping others, but those are her backup career choices she tells me.  As for her ultimate dream it would fall in the place as "a pop star, having a blue Ferrari, living in a mansion, and be married to a very handsome fella."  Ambitious!  So I gave her a hairdo to fit her personality, because she is a star in the making! :)

Finally my last two DIVAS are sisters of Miss Deanna.  Autumn and Sandra!  Autumn is smart, outgoing, and a fun gal to be around.  Sandra is more reserved, shy, and quiet, but is up to trying new things.  By the end of the night I was getting pretty tired as you can tell with Sandra's hair :/

Dressing up is so much fun!!!

It was a pleasure being around these girls.  And by the end of the evening their personalities were definitely shining through.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!  
Love always, Duasone