Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating Another Year of BeauDY! ;)

It has been a week since my birthday!  Every year it seems as if I get younger and younger, at least that's what I feel like.  This year I wasn't planning on doing anything at all, but last minute I decided to celebrate my birthday by having a nice dinner outside, with great company and plenty of laughs!  It was nothing outrageous or over the top, which was just perfect! 

My lovely sister had suggested Townhouse.  I checked out their menu, if they had patio seating, and DRINKS!  YES, YES, YES!!!  That day was pretty muggy, but lucky for us we were able to get seating indoors, which was even better since they had all their windows wide open and the a/c blowing beneath our feet.  So we were able to still get the outdoor experience, but with comfort.

I love the city of Birmingham and it's vibrant atmosphere.  It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the metro Detroit area.  Birmingham has your choice of upscale shops, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, peaceful restaurants with outdoor patios, an extravagant theater, or a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Shain Park with great scenery, all within walking distance.  I like to think of it as a little big city all packed into one tiny area.

Here is my sister in law Jessica and our appetizers. 
(Charcuterie Cheese & Crispy Brussels Sprouts ) We made my sister's husband's cousin Pakou order the Charcuterie, because we didn't want to butcher the name and she's from France and speaks French.

I went with the "build your own salad" to try and eat healthier.  I LOVE goat cheese!

Here is Gigi and Pakou.  I loved that our drinks were poured into cute mason jars and the ice cubes were also cute bite size cubes!

My beautiful sis Gowhnou and I.
Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without candles and a few wishes!

Our night ended at Cantino Diablo's with a few more drinks!
A great way to end the night!  Thank you so much ladies for celebrating another year with me!  I couldn't have wished for a better evening.  Cheers to greatness!

Thank you for reading, have a fantabulous night!

Love always, Duasone!